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Realism Set


The ultimate selection by the best tattoo artists, this set combines the colors used for a stunning and realistic tattoo style


Bamboo, Bamboo like the finest trees.

Brown, Brown color, pure and simple.

Chocolate, Elegant, rich and delicious.

Coco, Intensely tropical fresh brown.

Cool Gray, A balanced mix of soft and hard grays.

Copper, Strong and shiny like a coin.

Coral, Mix of sweet pink and orange.

Corn, A light and creamy yellow color.

Dark Brown, Deep brown with red undertones.

Deep Burgundy, Dark red with a hint of brown color.

Gray, The combination of our black and white.

L.A. Pink, A glamorous, rich west coast pink.

Lilac, A very light and creamy purple tone.

Magenta, Red and blue with tones of raspberry.

Mauve, A pretty pale pink and purple color.

Medium Brown, A full bold soil tone.

Old Brown, The color to fill old memories with.

Olive, A soft murky green.

Plum, A darker purple with hints of pink.

Seal Brown, The mix of a soft and tough brown.

Sienna, Smooth reddish burnt sienna brown.

Tomato, Bright red with tones of orange.

Yellow Ochre, The delightful color of rustiness.